Classic Lessons

”Dressage serves the horse, not the horse the dressage. “ (Author unknown)

Dressage is gymnastics for the horse. Based on the horses‘ natural obliquity, my lessons concentrate on physical and also psychological balance. New insights into biomechanics as well as the guidelines of classical dressage form the foundation. Without force and unnecessary pressure, horse and rider are combined in harmonic motion. The result is suppleness and motivation. The horse carries the rider without coming to harm. I would like to help you become aware of the connection between your aids and the effects they have on your horse and if necessary, find new ways.


  • 45 minutes riding and 15 minutes feedback
  • Lessons on your own horse or a school horse
  • Private lessons
  • Group lessons with up to 3 riders
  • Class minutes for later reference
  • Video coaching
  • Seat training on the longe
  • Theory
  • Riding
  • Clinics »
  • Lessons are in German, English, or Portuguese
  • (Hopefully in Dutch soon as well)
  • Trial lesson

For further information and appointments please contact me at: info@equi-art.eu