21 February 2019

About me

About me

My name is Corinna Hengefeld. Born in 1991, I discovered my passion for horses and especially dressage as a young girl. Over the past five years I have dedicated myself to studying the various forms of classical dressage and its (old) masters.

Currently I am studying Equine Business and Economics at the polytechnic Hogeschool Wageningen in Wageningen, The Netherlands. At the same time I am offering riding lessons and weekend seminars in Nijmwegen and Kleve and in the surrounding area.

My multi-facetted training program taps into the knowledge of great master horsemen such as Anton Pluvinel, Ribuchon de la Guieriniere, Francios Baucher, Gustav Steinbrecht, John Fillis, and Nuno Oliveira, who influenced classical dressage over centuries. Only riding instructors who were the students of the Portuguese trainer Nuno Oliveira are still alive.

That is why, at the beginning of 2012, I travelled to his most successful pupil Maestro Luis Valenca in Portugal. In 2011, I worked and studied with the horse-breeder and trainer Janine Pedlebury-Lee at the Pen Llyn Lusitano Stud and Riding Centre in Wales, where my passion for Lusitanos was sparked. From 2008 until 2011 I studied Philippe Karl’s Ecole de Legerete (School of Lightness) intensively. In 2011 I took one of his courses with my own horse and up to this day still work closely with his longstanding pupil Bettina Lanowy. This combination of, as it might seem at first sight, very different teachings enables me to recognize the training level of horse and rider.

The variety of traditional training methods will help us find an individual training plan and solution for you and your horse. Together we will get to the root of the matter and not just find solutions for the symptoms. Trust me and find out how much fun dressage can be.